Twitter – many different opportunities

Most recently there seems to be a lot going on on Twitter. It’s not about the number of posts, or new users that register. It is more about the way Twitter is used. Here are a few examples:

  • Workfu helps you to find a job. One of the co-founder states that, “400 jobs are posted on Twitter every minute”. The app sorts the job offers and lets you apply with one click,
  • Fashion brand Levi’s uses Instagram to find people to appear in their advertising. Although, Instagram is an independet application most of the pictures are forwarded to Twitter instantly,
  • Nike is using Twitter to build an online motivational community including celebrities, called #makeitcount,
  • Puma sponsors ten people to cover the Volvo Ocean Race in Abu Dhabi. They are asked to post updates via Twitter and Facebook,
  • Tiesto, a well-known DJ, will be the first artist to perform live on Twitter. The event will be shown on the Twitter pages of HP and Intel.

What does all of this mean? It looks like more and more companies see the potential in Twitter although Twitter still has no business strategy to make money with their website. For sure, there are more ways to use Twitter. It gets integrated into more applications and devices. Basically you can use Twitter for everything and for any business model. The only thing you need: Creativity!


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  1. great post! Keep on doing it!

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